Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Buffalo's Road to the College Football Playoff - Week 1

Buffalo's Road to the College Football Playoff - Week 1

BCS Rankings and Review is dead. The Road to the CFP is born! UB's College Football Playoff Magic Number: 90 Based on my unscientific poll of UB's public perception, UB would need to leapfrog 90 teams to earn their way into the College Football Playoff.

Buffalo Startup Weekend is slated for late October

Get your sleep on Oct. 23. The following week will be one to remember for those on Buffalo’s entrepreneurship/startup scene, culminating in the finalist presentations and awards ceremony for 43North on Oct. 30. The week will begin with Buffalo Startup ...

Pet Food Fight: Ad Industry Review Board Smacks Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo, a fast-growing upstart in the high-end pet food market, has backed down in response to a competitor’s accusation that it made misleading advertising claims. How that retreat will affect Blue’s fight with the biggest dog in the kibble ...

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