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To get our minds off the Finals for a bit...what was your favorite regular season game of the 08-09 season

To get our minds off the Finals for a bit...what was your favorite regular season game of the 08-09 season?
Mine was Feb 13 2009. San Jose vs. Buffalo at HSBC Arena in Downtown Buffalo. A region still in mourning over flight 3407 just the night before, erupts when the Sabres tie the eventual President's Trophy winners with 2 seconds left in regulation. Then they go on to win it in a shootout. Just an emotional night at the Arena. What's yours?
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1 :
Back in December the Sharks came to Detroit. I was at that game, and the place was crazy!!! All the haters said the Wings would be no match for the Sharks. Final score: Wings 6 Sharks 0
2 :
Towards the end of the Regular Season I was at "Martin Brodeur Night" at the Prudential Center in Newark. It started with a presentation and award ceremony to honor Marty breaking the all time wins record.The game was against the Tampa Bay and Kevin Weeks got the start. The Devils where down 2 - 0 when Weeks blew out his knee and left the Game. Marty came in saved the game, got the win on what was supposed to be a day of rest for the man after a record shattering week. It was the 1st time my parents went to the new Building and Them My wife and daughter all got to see it first hand live.
3 :
I have 2. My first one was Rangers vs. Penguins. We were down 2-0 going to the 3rd period. We scored to make it 2-1 about halfway through the period. But we were still down 2-1 with about 15 seconds left...Crosby misses an empty net. We start up through the neutral zone, Naslund makes a great pass to Zherdev, he skates up through the offensive zone to the right circle and shoots, and roofs the puck right under the crossbar with 8 seconds left. King Henrik stopped Crosby(who was the last shooter and their last chance) in the shootout and we won. 2nd one was against the Blackhawks. Rangers gave the Hawks five 5 on 3 powerplays in the 2nd period. Just taking penalty after penalty. I don't really remember much of the rest, except we still won the game on a Drury OT goal.
4 :
I saw two games in person this year. My favorite was Wings vs. Caps, even though my beloved Wings lost, mostly at the hands of Ovechkin. It was the first time I got to see them play in person.
5 :
i would have to agree the sharks vs wings game when the sharks were heavily favored. and the wings Stomped them. the caps/pens games were pretty good to watch too
6 :
Opening Night...October 9th. Young Leafs team cast as the "homecoming" team on Detroit's banner night ceremony. Ron Wilson does the right thing and has the club sit on the bench during the ceremony, and they ended up winning the game.
7 :
Pens vs. Wings...Pens comeback to win it 7-6 :O absolutley amazing! Plus a Staal hattrick. another one would be November 29th 2008 pens vs devils cause I was there and crosby got a hattrick
8 :
I Remember the Pens vs. Rangers Game One when Zherdev scored with 8.2 seconds But My Favorite is winning the Season Series against Philly! Philly Sucks!
9 :
April 4th, last home game for the Stars and the Blues came to town. We had a goaltender in his 1st ever NHL game. We kept trading goals throughout the game until it was 4-3 Blues late in the 3rd, when Steve Ott scored on a breakaway to force OT where we then scored less than a minute in. Everyone in the AAC exploded, and it was just a great win. Especially with a new goalie playing in his 1st game.

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