Saturday, February 14, 2009

I need a cheap flight from Buffalo, NY to Brussels Belgium

I need a cheap flight from Buffalo, NY to Brussels Belgium???
I want to travel anywhere from march 11th till april 4th for about 10 days, i keep looking and I cant seem to come up with anything even considering leaving from toronto....or flying to newark first, know some of u may be travel agents....So help me and u may get a sale...thanx so much!!!
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check and they usually have great prices! i just checked 14.3.-24.3. for $682 including all taxes and fees with United. thats very decent for overseas.
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There is a list of great cheap travel sites at .
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$447 if you can wait to depart until March 13. USAir has a special on their Philadelphia-Brussels nonstop service (they do NOT fly to BRU from Charlotte), with connecting cities such as Buffalo at very good prices. Book direct from to avoid other sites' tacked-on booking fees which can sometimes add $30 or more to the price.

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