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Better Plane for first time scared flyer

Better Plane for first time scared flyer?
I posted a few days ago about being terrified to fly, thanks to those of you who answered. You all made me feel better until I turned on the news and found out about the crash near Buffalo. Anyway, to my question. I found out that for my first flight ever I'm going to be in an EMB-145. In your opinion do you think this would be a good plane to experience my first flight, or am I better off with a larger aircraft? Still super nervous and anxious. Thanks so much!
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It depends on the source of your anxiety. All commercial airliners are safe, so objectively there's no particular reason to choose one over another. All airliners make funny noises and move around a bit, so you're going to experience that in any case, and it's perfectly normal and harmless. If you were choosing a flight exclusively for the purpose of getting over a fear of flying, the ideal would probably be a huge airliner (747 or A380) on a very short trip … but almost nobody flies short routes with large aircraft outside Asia (certainly not in the U.S. these days—airlines prefer smaller and smaller aircraft on short routes).
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i haven't heard of that particular plane but i would suggest a large plane especally on your first trip. i worked for an airline for 30 years and flying is no big deal. i retired in 86 and the EMB probably didn't exist then. have a good trip
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I would go to a local airport with a flight school. For about $50, they will take you up in a Cessna 172 or a Piper PA-28. You will be able to see outside, ask lots of questions, be close to the airport with an instructor who is very familiar with the area, and maybe get a little stick time. It will be far safer flying than it will be driving to the airport statistically speaking. Sure it will be louder and bumpier than the big planes, but afterwards, flying in an airliner would be a piece of cake.
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the plane is not the best for a first time flying experience. you may experience a lot more turbulence than in a big plane.i recommend flying in a boeing 757 or airbus jumbo for first flight
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The EMB-145 is a 50 seat jet plane. With jet engines, part of the exhaust is circulated just under the skin of the plane to keep the surfaces deiced so this plane isn't as vulnerable to icing as the Dash 8 that crashed near Buffalo. It is a small plane but a lot more comfortable than the prop planes. The seating is two seats on one side of the aisle and one seat on the other so the plane is large enough that you don't feel exposed on both sides. The aisle is sorta like a trench as there isn't much head room on this plane. I think you'll be fine.
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i don't think it would be a bad airplane to fly in its smaller so the turbulance is going to be a lot worse but for a flying experience i think it would be a great plane to fly in just dont get sick (sick bags are located in seat so use them if you have to dont throw up on seat or floor not fun to clean up)
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Go larger... I was in a small aircraft, you can literatly feel the wind shift
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Don't worry, you will be fine, the chances of an incident on a commercial airliner in the US are so low that it is almost a 1 in 0 (IMPOSSIBLE) chance of occuring. Just remember that those on the days that those two incidents happened over 20,000 other flights made it safely to their destination. Also, if you are afraid, it is most likely that you have a fear of not being in control of the situation. you need to just sit back, relax, and let fate take its course. I am saying this after I have been on 2 flights that were both struck by lightning and lost over 1,500 feet of altitude in literally one second. YOU WILL BE FINE.

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