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The Flight 3407 CRASHING is sending shockwaves everywhere, when and how did you find out

The Flight 3407 CRASHING is sending shockwaves everywhere, when and how did you find out ?
I live in Tonawanda ,NEW York and I heard about the crashing of Flight 3407 this morning about 7 30 am this morning. I was shocked because I live 45 min away from Clarence Center, New York. I keep hearing all the chilling stories about what happened with the crashing in to the Clarence house . I want to the families of the victims of the crash and also the victims to know my Prayers and thoughts are with you... Everyone please answer me I think it's terrible and devastating news for Buffalo and Clarence , New York. May God Bless all victims! I haven't felt right all day long it reminds me of when I found out about the Two planes that crashed into the towers and the Pentagon. God Bless!! I saw that news coverage too about the girl and mother who made it out . I heard a few planes flying low at work today and I was like uh oh what if it crashes on me ? I was paranoid a little bit today . I heard that neighbors and others were tryin to be heroes and going in to save people but the flames and fires were sooo hot noone could get near the burning house or plane . OMG its crazy I am still shocked !! Hey Grey Girl it is strange to have a plane crash into a house so close to home yes. I didnt find out til 7 30 am friday and when I found out I was like omg how could this happen ? I wasn't right the rest of the day thats basically all I thought about all day and all night. It was all over the news kiss 98.5 radio station was talking about till I think noon or so. I think it was the ice build up on the windshield of the plane and on wings that caused the plane to go down soo FAST . planes go really fast though so there's really nothing you can do once something goes wrong so close to the ground. the plane was 6 miles away from the Buffalo Airport too . it sends shivers in me still to think about it.
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Oh wow, that's wild you live so close from the disaster. I was at work this morning, and happened to check the news online around 8:30 this morning. I was shocked to hear about what had happened. :(
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i live about 20 minutes away. i was watching ER and waiting to see the previews for next week but the news cut in before the previews came on. so i heard at 11pm. and the odd thing is when ever i heard a plane that sounds kinda low and too loud i always think its gonna crash into my house. i feel sooooo bad for that poor family. i just saw a video on channel 2 showing the mother and daughter yelling that they just got out of the house and the husband was still in there. and the daughter was screaming and wanted to go back in but the mother said he was gone and wouldn't let her back in.
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I work for an organisation for navigators and aviators here in London. My wife's from Westfield, New York. We were over there this week, and flew out of Buffalo Airport about 25 hours before the 3407 flight was due in. I checked the news this morning, as I do every morning, for stories for our website, and wallop, there it was. Couldn't believe it. My wife's on the phone right now to a friend over there, who apparently knows people who lost friends on the flight. My thoughts are with the families of the passengers and crew, and those who were lost on the ground tonight. Oh, and if you think YOU'RE paranoid - my wife and I had to cut our stay in Westfield a day short cos I had a conference to attend over here in the UK. If we hadn't done that, we'd have been at the airport when it happened, probably, especially with the weather that whipped up yesterday over there...
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I am flying to Europe in a week (next Friday) I am 16 and going with a school group and I heard this at 6 AM when I was waiting for my school bus and no lie this is the first time I have teared up over the news (9/11 I was too young and at school) I am so scared of flying now but I feel terrible for the families that lost loved ones.
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channel 10 news
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There may be local shockwaves, but the rest is media hype. More than a hundred people died in automobile crashes today. They had friends and family, too. Why isn't anyone shocked by that? It's almost three times the number of people who died on Flight 3407. Sometimes it's better to just turn off the TV.
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~~I went to check my email and it was on the front page of Yahoo. We switched over to the news. Then got all the details. A horrible tragedy. Must be really shocking when you live so close to where it happened.~~
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i live about 25 minutes away i was watching ABC/channel 7 in buffalo and they cut into the program and said that a plane crashed into a house in clarence but that was all they knew and crews were on their way to the scene. i stayed up til 2:30am watching the news. its so strange to think that it happened so close to home.

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