Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What are some good sites/airlines for cheap flights from US to UK

What are some good sites/airlines for cheap flights from US to UK?
Im Canadian (Toronto) and I have to fly to England this May. The flights are rather expensive and Ive paid almost $1000 CDN for them before.These were direct flights. Im willing to go to Buffalo, NY and catch a flight to England from there and if the price difference is substantial, Im fine with connections as well. Im wondering what are some really good discount websites for flights to England from US or Canada. And even better: discount airlines if there are any. Thanks.
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Travelocity American airlines Hotwire NW Airlines Expidia and more
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Currently, I haven't found the discount sites to be any cheaper than buying directly from the airline. I just booked a flight from California to England in June and the cheapest I could find anywhere was $1400 (U.S. dollars including taxes) and that was directly through Virgin Atlantic. Good luck, flights to the UK seem pretty expensive right now, but if you can fly from the east coast you probably have a much better chance of finding something cheaper. Just keep looking!
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I went over Christmas from Ohio to London for $565. I went through Expedia.com. Also try Sidestep.com and Cheapoair.com.
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You can try www.travelzoo.com
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This site has great, cheap travel sites: http://www.travelbargainsites.com
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Toronto to London(Gatwick) Return in May CDN 660 www.flyzoom.com

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