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as a canadian citizen, who will be flying to los angeles from buffalo, will i be required to have a passport

as a canadian citizen, who will be flying to los angeles from buffalo, will i be required to have a passport?
we will be driving to buffalo and to cross by land all that is required is a birth certificate or drivers license, and once in the US it is a domestic flight, so i am wondering if i will still be required to have a passport?
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no that is considerate a domestic flight..
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Direct answer to your question would be that you don't need your Canadian passport. For now, you need to present passport IF you are crossing border by air. Since it seems like you are entering the US by land, therefore, I don't think you will need your passport. And as long as you have a photo ID, you will be able to board the domestic flight. I hope this helps :)
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At this point, no, you don't require a passport, but the US regulations seem to change day by day. It's much easier to travel with a passport and will make your re-entry into Canada much simpler as well.
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Technically you don't need it, but as it's a valid form of ID I would recommend taking it with you.
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There are new regulations soon coming into effect that will require you to have a passport just to cross the border So far flying with in the US does not require a passport but I believe that will soon change . It would be advisable to apply now for a passport because the line ups are getting bigger and bigger .. don't wait until the last minute ....
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As of January 2007, anyone entering the US via air travel REQUIRES a valid passport. It is the ONLY acceptable documentation. As of January 2008, anyone entering the US (regardless of mode of transportation) REQUIRES a valid passport. It will be the ONLY acceptable documentation. If you entering via transportation other than air, you do not require a passport to enter at this time. Likewise, you do not require a passport for domestic flights, either. You WILL have to show proof of citizenship and photo ID for domestic flights, though. Things are changing on the Canadian side as well, in response to the US push for passports. Pretty soon (the date is as yet unannounced), a passport will be REQUIRED for entry into Canada, regardless of transportation method. Be sure you know the rules before you go ... it would be bad news to get stuck outside because you didn't have the right documentation.

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