Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flight search tips

Flight search tips?
I'm attending a weeding in Buffalo, NY on 5/24 in which I need to be there on 5/22 for a rehearsal dinner. I plan on leaving a day or two after the wedding.I live in Grand Forks, ND. Any good search tips I can use to make the flight as cheap as possible?
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http://www.airfarewatchdog.com/ is the best site because it includes actually "all airlines". You can also sign up for alerts. Expedia and yahoo will work semi somewhat. If you search on any flight search engine above however, and you find a reasonable flight, make sure you go to the actual airlines website and check for the same fight/time also, it happens that sometimes the prices drop there before it gets to the search engines, also saves on occational "service fees" of some of the search engine providers.
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try a real travel agency

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