Friday, October 14, 2011

will rain affect the flight

will rain affect the flight?
My mom is flying from buffalo ny, to boston ma, in boston there are monderate rain showers there doesn't seem to be a strong wind, but I'm worried about how this will affect my moms plane ride. I'm a horrible flyer I'm so nervous, is she safe? Is there gonna be bad terbulance or anything like that? What about when they land could they hydroplane off the run way? Sorry I'm nervous... thank you for your imput.
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She will be fine you have no reason to worry, pilots are highly skilled in flying, if a pilot thinks its not safe then he wont fly but I am looking at the weather in Boston and it looks fine, The plane will not hydroplane also. Turbulence happens in almost every flight, it wont be to bad though.
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As a certified pilot, I get this question all the time. Pilots train all the time for... 'abnormal situations', even more than regular flying! I've been through the thick and thin of flying, in about the smallest plane you can get at. Now I'm not trying to scare you, no no no! Planes are more reliable than ever these days, and the pilots at the controls are there to match! Your mother is in for a safe, fun, relaxing ride. Plus, at altitude, your above the rain. :-) I hope this has helped. Please message me for any other information you may require.
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She will be quite safe. Maybe a little delayed, but quite safe.
4 :
It will be fine.
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She is perfectly safe! In your area of the country, ( Boston) moderate rain is almost a clear day! Your biggest problem may be traffic delays on your way to the airport.
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she will be fully safe my brother, you may not have to worry about her. Though there may be delays but will be quite safe

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