Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vacation for family of 4 under $2000 from Toronto or Buffalo

Vacation for family of 4 under $2000 from Toronto or Buffalo?
Hi I was wondering where a family of 4 can go for a getaway ( 4-5 nights), leaving from toronto or buffalo airport. ( or under 8-9 hr drive) - not florida, or NYC(going later this year) - only large-ish urban centres has to be around 500 per person or 2000 full. and include flight+hotel would seattle be doable? or smthing like that... thanks, this is quite urgent btw! :) wow mar c stalker much? its not cheating it was an idea, it would save around 400 bucks to do the book 2 stay 4.
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it depends...are you still going to cheat with the, book 2 but have 4 in a room thing?
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The Poconos in Pennsylvania? How about North East Ohio along Lake Erie. Lots of nice places to stay and swim. Seattle is way across the US..not a 8 or 9 hour drive. The Poconos might be fun because there is horseback riding, canoeing and all sorts of things.
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Try the Adirondacks. You can get a cabin relatively cheap and do your own cooking. Lots of hiking and outdoorsy stuff there.

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