Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why hide the facts? The pilot that crashed the place near Buffalo was female...

Why hide the facts? The pilot that crashed the place near Buffalo was female...?
Almost every article I read about any old plane crash they give details about the pilot and most times, the pilot is a male.. BUT, NO... NOT the crash that kills 50 outside Buffalo NY.. The pilot was a female, but nobody in the media mentions it.. Here is an excerpt from a newspaper that will mention.. " Prior to the crash, the voice of a female pilot on Continental Flight 3407 could be heard communicating with air traffic controllers " Link: The female was the pilot and the co-pilot was male. typo, place = plane WOW... Jupiter - you're one sick bch! Nothing funny about 50 people dieing...
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1 :
So what? According to CNN she was the co-pilot. What does gender have to do with anything? The plane iced up.
2 :
You just got pawned. There was a female co pilot (Rebecca Shaw) who made the call and a male pilot (Marvin Renslow). Neither had control over the situation and nothing has alluded to a lack of knowledge or ability on ether's part.
3 :
Geez, you'd think they'd know better from watching women drivers, not to let one in the cockpit of an airplane that's carrying people! She was probably trying to parallel park, haha!
4 :
Maybe because the pilot was a man. Captain Marvin Renslow was flying the plane. The first officer was a woman. Maybe you should get your facts straight.
5 :
Yessiree, Mr. Genius, it is pretty hilarious, 50 people dieing. It is really f%^*&#$ funny. ETS: My response was to the third poster and his parallel parking comment. I, obviously, do not find it funny in the least.
6 :
And almost every other plane crash in history were caused by male pilots. Are you suggesting, based on that that women are actually MUCH BETTER pilots then men?
7 :
i know! exactly!!! my dad always said NEVER to fly in a plane when the pilot is a woman my dad is pretty smart
8 :
Gender is totally irrevelant here, but since you pointed it out..... Pilot: Captain Marvin Renslow, age 47, hired 2005 Co-Pilot: First Officer Rebecca Lynne Shaw, age 24, hired 2008
9 :
Wait, a newspaper article mentioned that the voice of the female pilot could be heard? You just said that nobody in the media mentioned it. Obviously the newspaper mentioned it which is a form of media you idiot. I don't even care that you're being sexist about all this cause you're obviously a moron. And good job being wrong about the whole female pilot thing. It was again, the male who crashed the plane.
10 :
get your facts straight she was th copilot and what does gender have to do with it? ALL of your Questions are dumb
11 :
Simply because a plane crashed does not mean the pilot crashed it. Secondly the pilot was a man the first officer was a woman.

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