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Can I get off plane at layover instead of destination

Can I get off plane at layover instead of destination?
My boyfriend lives half way between detroit and buffalo and it's 150 dollars cheaper to fly from Madison, WI to Buffalo then Madison to Detroit. My question is, if I book a flight from Madison To Buffalo with my layover in detroit (which is 3 hrs and47 minutes) is it possible to just get off at detroit? Someone I know said they'd cancel my return flight if I did this because I failed to show up to my flight in detroit, but if I already checked in, how would they know? Flying Northwest I will not be checking luggage, its ridiculous that they charge for that nowadays
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You're going to get a lot of opinions here and not the actual answer. Airlines often have different policies and you haven't mentioned which one you're using. Best to call them and just ask, or check your ticket. The fine print might have that info. Good Luck!
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they will know because when your luggage is transfed they will find you didnt check in and that could delay the connecting flight the ailrine might think you are lost and cause the police to start looking for you and all rest of your reservations will be cancelled and if you try to check in and not board the flight you could cause a security alert and close down the airport because you check-in but didnt board the plane.. thats very sucipous behavor they mgiht evene think you are terriost as well
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When you are due to re-board or join the second leg of your outgoing journey they will realise you're not there , and the WILL cancel your return booking. Sure you can call the airline, or speak to a travel agent, they will all tell you the same thing. Just pay the extra $150.00 and save your self the extra expense of trying to buy a last minute return ticket.
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