Saturday, January 14, 2012

What airline has the cheapest flights

What airline has the cheapest flights?
I am hoping to travel from Buffalo, NY to Harrisburg, PA. I believe more affordable locations alternatives would be from Buffalo, NY to Baltimore, MD. I am hoping to get to visit my older sister on my fall break from college. I never fly so I dont know where to look.
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1 :
Southwest has cheap flights, and decent service. Airtran has pretty cheap flights, too, but their employees are bitter.
2 :
Southwest and Blue Jet. Don't fly into Harrisburg or you will pay out the nose. I live in Harrisburg and I use either Baltimore or Philly airport. Philly is nice cuz you can take a train back to Harrisburg for only 20 dollars. Why don't' you try taking the train from Buffalo to Harrisburg I'm sure it would be cheaper then an airline ticket. I think that you have to get the septa from the Philly airport to the train station and I believe that is 10 dollars. But with the price of gas I think it's worth it. Have a good trip.
3 : I find it to be the best. I fly out of Newark, to Florida for only $69 one way.
4 :
Southwest airlines from Buffalo to Baltimore $79 roundtrip.

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