Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is this flight price reasonable

Is this flight price reasonable?!!!?
OK so my family and I are going to Florida for Spring Break. We r a family of 5 people: 12, 14, 17, 47 and 48. The lowerst price I found for a roundtrip from Buffalo, NY, to Orlandlo, FL was $1200 TOTAL* This was from southwest.com Is this a reasonable price? OR would driving from Buffalo, NY to Florida be more reasonable? Thanks!
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yes this is a reasonable price, there will be time thought that it gets expensive or cheap but i do think this price is expensive, but i think you should wait till summer or something maybe it'll get cheaper then. and if you come to florida, welcome~ haha
2 :
well, let's see. 1200÷5=$240. For a 2 and a half hour flight, that's amazing! I usually pay 400-800 per flight of that length. But that's because southwest doesn't fly where I live.
3 :
Compared to other prices of other Airlines, that is a very reasonable price. Thanks for choosing Southwest Airlines. :)
4 :
$1200 total is pretty reasonable. AND driving would be a different, also valuable experience. Are you going to need a car at your destination? That might make it cheaper to just drive your own.
5 :
if it's total then that is a very resonable price. i'm not surprised it isn't more. and you would spend about the same on gas, maybe even more, so it's just better to fly. book it today, cause tues and wed are the cheapest tickets.
6 :
Depends on if your vehicle is good on gas and how many nights you plan on taking to get there and back... also you have to put a value on your time and sanity ... as well as the wear and tear on your vehicle. Trips like that tend to take their toll on a car. I'd fly, that's a pretty darn good price. I guess you also have to factor the cost of renting a vehicle while you're down there, unless you plan on staying put.
7 :
thats about $240 per person. yes thats a great deal considering spring break is so soon. i booked my flight from buffalo ny to orlando florida with southwest back in the beginning of february, the first day the flights opened up for my travel dates (august 21-28) and i ended up paying $353 per person. plus with southwest your bags fly free which is AWESOME!
8 :
$1200 is very reasonable for 5 people. I would fly but if you want to drive and its a long drive from Buffalo you can cut some of the driving out by taking the Auto Train from Lorton, VA to Orlando. It goes nonstop and takes about 17 hours. Its not cheap but not outrageously expensive either but its a ton of fun, the kids would have a blast. The rates include all meals and you do pay a little extra for a sleeper compartment.
9 :
If your flight is direct, go for it! Thats a great deal. If not, then try American. I normally don't fly them, but they have a current sale from BUF-MCO for $147 right now, before taxes and fees. If you will be checking bags, stay with South West, it will be cheaper in the long run with no bag fees.

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