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How do I get from Toronto to Dallas

How do I get from Toronto to Dallas?
I want to visit my cousin, she lives in Dallas But, it's really expensive to fly there. My friend said I should fly out of Buffalo because it's cheaper, but I don't have a car, so I can't drive there, and it would be rude of me to ask a friend to drive me all the way there. So does anyone know how I can get cheap flights to Dallas from Toronto? Is there an amtrak train I can take? That takes forever but I think its cheaper.
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a airplane you silly billy. you should fly to california instead. hi, im zack from bayside high
2 :
try a bus
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Try taking a greyhound. It might be cheaper, but it would take forever. You're talking about travelling all the way across the USA here, so I suggest taking an aeroplane. Or alternatively, you can hitchhike lol... it would be cheaper, and you'd meet all kinds of interesting people. [EDIT] and agent smith, I suggest you come up with an answer of your own instead of stealing mine. Now pi$$ off.
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Ride the dog. Greyhound has buses running there all day. Cheapest: Hitch a ride with a woman truck driver.
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no train...we don't have a lot of train service here in the US (check plane or driving is the only way...check all airlines for fares, Orbitz, etc...don't know what you can use up in Canada as far as cheap fares websites..
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I think Amtrak goes from Toronto to Dallas but you are talking two full days of traveling each way. Maybe Amtrak from Toronto to Buffalo and then fly Southwest from Buffalo to Dallas. Always book at least two to three week in advanced to get the better rates. Probably end up costing the same as Amtrak all the way and will save a lot of time. Look into it.
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The cheapest and safest way is probably to take a megabus or greyhound bus from Toronto to Buffalo airport (check schedules) then fly from there to dallas. You can find cheap flights from Buff (depending on when you are going) on expedia. I fly out of Buff all the time and have also ridden the bus through there. be prepared to wait possibly up to 1 hr though at border, cus everyone has to get off bus and go through customs. But u only need to be at buff airport 1-1.5 hrs b4 your flight. Train is going to be WAY way more exp and slower.
8 :
It's possible to go by train, but it won't be all that easy. You'd first take Amtrak from Toronto to Buffalo (yes, Amtrak serves Toronto). At Buffalo you'd change to Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited to Chicago. At Chicago you'd change to Amtrak's Texas Eagle to Dallas. If you want to take a look at prices, you could check Amtrak's website: but the routing is so difficult that you'd probably be better off calling Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL.

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