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southwest airlines we have to change planes chicago

southwest airlines we have to change planes chicago?
we have booked buffalo-las legas with southwest airlines we are british passport holder and have noticed we have to change planes in chicago with only 55min between flights is this enough time if we miss the flight will we have to pay for a new flight
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That will be enough time, but don't drag your feet...They won't wait on you.....Get to your new gate ...Then go potty and snack.....if you want...Get to your gate first!
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Relax .. you will not have a problem .. Southwest flies into/out of Midway Airport -- and 55 minutes is ample time to walk between gates. In the event that you miss the connection, and it is due to the airline (your Buffalo flight arrives late), Southwest will book you on the next available flight leaving to Vegas. This is done at their cost and you will not incur an additional fee.
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you will be ok. Southwest has great customer service. If you miss your connecting flight due to fault of the airline, you will not have to pay for the new flight. Here in the US you can easily complain and they will easily try to accomidate you, as long as your request is reasonable. Besides if your flying Southwest, that means your flying midway, which is smaller and much better to fly out of.
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What airport are you flying into? If it's Midway, you should be able to make it. It is a smaller airport than O'Hare and therefore used by fewer people so the lines are a bit shorter. If it's O'Hare, you might have a bit of a hike from one terminal to another, but as long as you don't leave the airport and them have to go back through the search line, you should be OK. It should be enough time.
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you should have no problem if your flying the same airline all you would have to do is check in at the new gate..usually close by when making a connection

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