Monday, September 8, 2014

Florida Panthers: Buffalo Sabres Opponent Outlook

Florida Panthers: Buffalo Sabres Opponent Outlook

Last but certainly not least, although most years they act like it in in the Buffalo Sabres division is the Florida Panthers. Florida will be rivaling for that last place finish this year, and the 20% odds that they will be able to hold on to the first ...

Buffalo Bills had plenty of offseason drama that may have helped beat the Chicago Bears

Whether they wanted to or not, the 53 players on the 2014 Buffalo Bills opening day roster became drama majors over the past few months. Offseason? What offseason? Not in Buffalo. Let us count the ways. Owner Ralph Wilson, Jr, died in March, creating an ...

Buffalo Bills fans' Twitter reaction to win over Chicago Bears

Bills fans were pretty happy after the team's upset, season-opening win over the Bears. The Buffalo Bills went into Soldier Field on Sunday and pulled off an upset win over Chicago. Naturally, Bills fans were ecstatic on Twitter. We asked them to distill ...

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