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Canadian flying out of Buffalo (international flight)

Canadian flying out of Buffalo (international flight)?
My trip isn't until September but because I HATE Pearson International Airport and I didn't want to pay the HST on my flight (thank you to the no-good government of Ontario) I decided to book my flight out of Buffalo to Spain. I will be gone a total of 9 days and I know that I have a personal exemption of $800 at U.S. Customs but what are the laws coming back into Canada (I know the general laws from an international flight from a Candadian airport but do not know about crossing the border to take an international flight)? I will be driving over the border but I know that if you are a Canadian in U.S. for 48 hours you are allowed 1 litre of alochol per person to take back across the border. With that being said, does that also apply to if you are taking an international flight out of the States to return back to Canada? Or do you have to legitimately be on U.S. soil for 48 hours to stop at the Duty Free shop to bring back alcohol? thanks Gerlad - I missed that part of the website (and thought I had combed through it completely). I guess that means I can stop at the Duty Free shop on my way crossing the border (yay!!). To the poster who wanted to know about HST, it is Harmonized Sales Tax - in Canada you have PST (provincial sales tax) and GST (goods and services tax) - the PST is obviously provincial and the GST is obviously federal. They are 2 different taxes but some goods and services you do not pay PST on - just the GST. The wonderful Government of Ontario has decided to put forth an HST tax which is Harmonized Sales Tax which combines the PST and the GST so now things that would normally be PST exempt you have to pay HST on (houses, flights, food, building materials, etc.). In Ontario, it's a 13% tax - ridiculous if you ask me.
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Hmmm. Interesting question. My opinion counts mostly for nothing, of course, but I don't think it matters if you have actually been within the US. Who is going to know in any case that you didn't spend your time in upstate NY? I suppose Canadian immigration folks might ask you where you stayed, but times when I have crossed from Canada to the US, the US immigration people never asked that. Going into Canada, my wife and I were once asked what town we were going to. But never when we were crossing back. I used to drive from Rochester to Toronto half a dozen or so times a year - in decades gone by. Always enjoyed my visits there - even though it was business, still enjoyable.
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you should ask the us custom agents they should have siome facts by the way what is HST? does it mean highway safety text? highway safety tax if you are drivuing then would you have to pay the hST?
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From what information is available on the Canadian Border Services Agency website, it depends on how long you were out of the country, not what countries you are returning from or whether or not you fly or drive back in that is the deternining factor regarding duty free allowances. Since you will be gone over 7 days, the 9 days you will be out of Canada, will allow you the maximum duty free allowances permitted. Have a look:

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