Friday, January 14, 2011

where can i find the cheapest flight to las vegas

where can i find the cheapest flight to las vegas?
any kind of promotional codes... known cheap flights... good deal you may have gotten.. anything may help. I'm trying to go to las vegas to visit my brother. unfortunately it's been hard to come up with the money. any advice would help. :) buffalo, ny. :) natalie
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I would use and put your information in. They will search all the other websites for the best prices. Also check southwest as they do not share their pricing with others. If you are flexible on travel dates you can save a lot of money.
2 :
I just looked around and the best deal I can find is has a flight leaving as early as next monday on delta for $250 roundtrip.
3 :
Check sites like Southwest airlines or US Airways. Also do a search on kayak engine. It will check all airlines going to Vegas and all major travel sites and return the cheapest fare.
4 :
Book early through Southwest for the best prices
5 : book your flight on a tuesday or wednesday 3 weeks out

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