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When should I go to the airport for a Domestic Flight

When should I go to the airport for a Domestic Flight?
I'm flying from New York, NY (JFK) to Buffalo, NY (BUF). The flight's at 6:35am. What time should I shoot for to go to JFK Airport? I heard to be at the airport 2 hours prior to the flight for domestic flights, but this seems way too early. 2 hours? What could possibly take 2 hours? Especially this early? Going through security takes like 5-10 minutes! And after that, its a free passage-way to the airplane gate... NOTE: Because its only for a couple of days, I will only bring in carry-on bags; no checked-luggage.
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i would go at least an hour early-and good for you on the carry ons..that's the quickest/smartest way to travel in my opinion!
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You don't need to be there two hours early for a domestic flight. They only tell people that so they'll be sure to have enough time to get their boarding pass, and go through security. You can get there an hour early, and since you have only a carry on bag it will be even quicker. If you are flying coach, and don't have your boarding pass yet, I'd get there at least an hour early depending on what time of your day you're flying because the waiting lines for coach passengers to get their boarding pass are long.
3 :
you must reach at airport by 5:45am you need some time for clearance

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