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Leaving the airport between flights with the new security measures

Leaving the airport between flights with the new security measures?
My friend is flying into Buffalo from Toronto and has a 5 hour lay-over before her connecting flight to Arizona. I know that others have asked and answered about leaving the airport between connecting flights but is anyone aware if the new security restrictions might affect this? Would love to visit but I'm not sure if this is an option. If anyone has travelled internationally and tried to leave the airport between connecting flights, I would appreciate your input.
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Well, she would be able to leave the airport... but getting back through security is going to be difficult. As she will be booked on a flight from Toronto to Arizona, trying to get through security in Buffalo. It would really depend on how the airline tickets the flight. I would suggest that she call the airline, just to make sure, and see how it will be ticketed.
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I'm not quite sure why your friend is flying from YYZ to BUF, since its a lot easier to do a boarder crossing than deal with all that Canada to US airport security stuff now... But since YYZ has US Customs Preclearance, your friend will probably go through all that in Toronto, leaving you with time in Buffalo. Since Buffalo to Arizona is a domestic flight, you will have about 3-4 hours to kill in Buffalo before going back to the airport (probably enough time to drive back to Toronto Pearson and back) depending on how security looks. Your friend will have a boarding pass for the YYZ/BUF segment as well as the BUF/Arizona segment, so it'll be no problem getting back into the airport once they need to head out.
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As soon as you arrive in the US after an international flight, and clear customs, you are in the US. From then on, you're flying domestic and aren't subject to any of the new security rules. There shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure that she's back at the airport an hour before her flight to AZ.

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