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uk passport holder crossing border canada/usa

uk passport holder crossing border canada/usa?
we are going from niagara falls to buffalo should i get a taxi to the crossing and then get another to buffalo airport how long will the paperwork take we have a flight at 1300 from buffalo how long should we give for traveling from niagara falls to buffalo airport taking into account the border crossing
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I once drove over the border from Niagara into Buffalo. There were three of us and we had to fill out visa waiver forms. It took about 10 minutes. I would imagine you'd need to use an American cab on the USA side. It can get busy at certain times so I'd give yourselves plenty of time to get through customs and to get to the airport
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You will need a Canandian cab on the Canada side, and a US cab on the US side. The distance (from downtown Niagara Falls ON to the Buffalo airport) is about 27 miles or 43 km. Normal travel times (excluding border traffic) is around 40 minutes, if traveling at the speed limit. Allow another 20 minutes for the border as a minimum ... depending on what time of day you're planning to make the crossing, you might need to add an hour - definitely plan on that much if you're reaching the border during ruch hour (between 0700 - 0900 or between 1600 - 1900). And don't forget to leave enough time at the airport itself for customs, etc.
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I've had full out a temp visa form at the border and it only took a few minutes BUT make sure you have American money to pay for it. When I crossed about 4 years ago it cost $6 for the visa so I would make sure that I had lots of American dollars.
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It depends a lot on traffic at the border for sure. Usually it's not bad just a few minutes to cross but at times it can take hours. These are exceptions but it does happen, on a holiday weekend in the summer or when the good people a homeland security decide to raise the terror alert. Here is a website that hopefully you can check before you leave your hotel/residence: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/general/times/menu-e.html You can cross at the Peace Bridge, Lewiston/Queenston Bridge or the Rainbow Bridge depending on what has the least delay and what is closest to where you are staying. If it was me, I'd say give it about 90 minutes to be safe and increase that time if you see the wait times are more than 15-20 minutes at the border. That should get you there with time to spare but in my books that beats stressing out if you do get some unexpected delays.

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