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Are my carry-ons ok

Are my carry-ons ok?
I have a 7 month old baby that I will be traveling alone with to Buffalo New York. Total flight time will be 9 hours. Not counting the early arrival to the airport and the hour drive to our final destination. We will be going through Chicago and I am TERRIFIED that we will get stuck. I am working on our carry on bags to be sure that we have plenty of everything he needs if the worst happens. Please take a look and see if I have too much, not enough or if their is anything Im missing. 20 diapers pack of wipes 8 disposable changing pads 2 stage 3 cereal jars 3 stage 2 fruits 1 stage 2 chicken dinner small bowel of snack puffs 2 bottles (we use playtex drop in) bag of bottle liners two 4 oz juices two bottles of water cracker and granola bar for me bib and burp cloth change of clothes for baby extra underwear for me (no room for a change of clothes for me) bag of toilet supples:toothpaste/brush, DO, baby tylenol, all this fits in his diaper bag and a large purse
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The only thing I would cut back on is the amount of diapers. Seriously you will only need about 5 or 6. I took a 9 hour flight when my son was 5 mos, and I only packed 5 or 6. They take up too much room.
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Sounds good, but I always bring a little blanket and stuffed animal my daughter likes. That helps them relax to sleep on the flight. Maybe also a couple board books and soft toys? And since it can be warm and then chilly on the flight, try to dress him in layers. :) Good luck! Edit: I believe the water and juices may be ok, if they are sealed and say "baby" on them (weird huh?). Check with the tsa website because they recently began allowing more fluids and foods for mothers traveling with babies.
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Everything sounds good, though a bit much. But only you can determine that.. and it's always better to be prepared then be underprepared especially when it comes to babies. My only suggestion is to check with the airport/airline. There may be restrictions as far as the liquids you're allowed to bring. You don't want to pack all those and have to throw them out.
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You don't really need juice for a 7 month old, You can get a change mat so you won't need the disposable ones,I would switch those for another change of clothes for baby. Bibs too since you have lots of solids on your list and toys for baby
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That should be fine, but you won't be allowed to bring the juice or bottled water with you. Liquids in amounts of over 3 oz. are no longer allowed through security (be sure that your toothpaste is 3 oz. or smaller, too.) You will be allowed to bring liquids that are purchased past the security checkpoint onto the plane, though, so I would suggest that once you get through, go and buy a couple of bottles of water. For more info:
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First of all, they are going to confiscate your fluids that are over 3 oz. because of the terrorism threats. You can get water from the flight attendants. I would also check on the juice. You need to call the airline and/or aorport to find out what you can bring on the flight. I'm not sure why you need extra underwear or toiletries. That seems weird.

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