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Can someone tell me the steps of going and in to airplane very detailed please this is my first time

Can someone tell me the steps of going and in to airplane very detailed please this is my first time?
okay i live in buffalo ny and our flight goes to atlanta then to sarasota flordia cn someone tell me like what to do at the airport like checking in and when u first walk in to when ur on the plane and getting off please very detailed its my first time and im leaving in 2 weeks (: when can u use ur ipod and camera on the airplane and can some tell me when u can walk around use the bathroom and stuff please
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Go to the departures area then look behind the desks on the wall it will have which airline and look for your flight . If confused ask there. are people to help you standing around. You wait your turn then go to the counter with your ticketand bags the person will process your details and then give you a boarding pass which will have the gate number of your departure. You then go through security and there will be signs leading you to your gate number . When boarding starts you hand over your boarding pass a portion is given back to you, it will have your seat number on it. Go to your seat relax with seat belt on and listen to any notices. Enjoy your flight. Never be afraid to ask for help. When you leave the flight follow the others go through security again collect your bags if you have checked luggage in . Your free now to wander out the airport.
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CHrist! Just go to the airport and follow the signs. My 9 year old son can do that!
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OK - first step is check-in. They take your bags and give you a boarding pass with a seat number and they will probably ask where you want to sit, window, aisle or you don't mind. I like looking out of the window, and my boyfriend likes an aisle seat because then he doesn't have to climb over anyone to get to the toilet (in economy class the seats are very tight) and he likes an alcoholic drink to help him cope because he's a bit scared of flying. Just a few thoughts there if you get the choice. You find the right check-in desk by looking at the display boards or screens. And this is a good point - airports are always well signposted because otherwise nobody would know where to go. And DO ask anything you want at check-in - it's a real good chance to be able to do that. Then go to Departures, there will be an ID check, then a hand baggage check. This usually means you have to put the one bag you are allowed to take on to the flight through an X-ray machine, and you get frisked, have to walk through a metal detector or some other kind of scanner, and men often have to take their shoes or boots off (I get that all the time). You'll need to empty your pockets of anything metal and put them through the X-ray. There will be easily visible instructions of what to do. Then follow everybody else to the departure lounge. There's a chance for some shopping to pass the time if that grabs you, but keep an eye on the display screens or boards that show the status of each flight. (Take my last flight - I'm British and it was to visit my friend in Germany, it was early morning, and I enjoyed a cooked breakfast in the departure lounge pub - but I made sure to get a table where I could easily see a screen while I was eating.) And DO know your flight number - it really helps. When a Gate number is displayed for your flight, follow the signs to that Gate. It might be a long walk - the Gate is where the plane is parked and planes are big. When you get to the Gate it's easy after that as the flight attendants will help you and tell you what to do. Follow what everyone else does when the plane is ready and you are asked to board it. Once you are on the plane, at some point when everyone is on and before the plane takes off, the flight attendants will give a safety demonstration or there will be a safety video. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT - many experienced flyers will pretend to ignore it but as a first-time flyer, take notice of it. You aren't allowed to use any electronic devices during take-off and landing because it might interfere with the plane's electronics. Other than that, ask a flight attendant whether you can use yours during the flight. (I just always take a book to read to keep occupied.) There will be "Fasten Seat Belt" signs above the seats and when they are illuminated, do it. When they turn off, you're free to walk around and use the bathroom, but as you will find, it looks really small inside so just stay in your seat unless you need the bathroom. And keep your seat belt fastened when you're seated. You are almost certain not to get this but if there is REALLY bad air turbulence, it stops you flying out of your seat and hitting the ceiling. Once you land, follow everyone else out of the plane - however, at Atlanta, you are only transferring to another flight to Sarasota. So go to "Connections" or "Transfers" to get on the next flight. Your bags will probably be checked through all the way to Sarasota - make sure of this at check-in. At Sarasota, you'll need to get to Baggage Reclaim to get your bags back. Just follow the signs to Arrivals with everyone else. These will come through on a conveyor belt, and if there is more than one there will be display boards or screens to show which one to wait at. Once you see how it all goes it's really not that hard, and there will always be someone to help.

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