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Is this ethical behavior or is the lawyer correct when filing this lawsuit

Is this ethical behavior or is the lawyer correct when filing this lawsuit?
I participated in a friendly wager with a local attorney. He bet me $1,000 that pigs can really fly. I took the bet since I have never seen a pig fly and know that they do not have wings. If pigs did have wings I am pretty certain that they would be sold in buckets with Buffalo Hot sauce at Applebys, so I think I am on pretty safe ground here. Well my lawyer friend produced a new filing from the FAA that allows pigs to fly as "service animals" working to help their owners on domestic USA flights and a picture of a pig flying with his owner in the aircraft. I refused to pay the $1,000 since the pig was not clearly flying under it's own power nor was it acting as pilot in command. Saying that a pig in the passenger compartment of an aircraft is flying is like saying that the passengers are flying. No passenger is flying under their own power nor do they operate the plane. They are being flown, they are not flying. The lawyer, now a former friend is suing me. Is he ethical? just a point to those who believe that wagering disputes and unenforceable in the court systems. You are 100% incorrect. In fact here are a few of many examples. 1) Any casino will bring to court a person who tries to reneg on a debt owed by gambling. A wannabe congressman Alan Schlesinger who ran against Joe Lieberman is a prime example. 2) The feds will sue you to get their taxes on gambling windfalls. 3) A state will sue you as well....there are many more examples. So, you can use the court to mediate a gambling issue.
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This is called a "bar bet" and will be laughed out of court. Unfortunately, you have to go to court and pay the costs involved on your side in order to hear the judge laugh. Not much you can do. Anyone can sue anybody for anything. If your state allows collection of court costs on the opposing side, you might counter-sue for frivolous litigation, but really how much more energy do we need to put into this nonsense? Hire an attorney and get the case dismissed. You probably don't even how to show up.
2 :
no he isnt. according to eistein its all relative. a person on a train moving at the speed of light who walks from the back of the train towards the front isnt moving faster than the speed of light.nor is a pig on an airline flying..he is a passenger. i hope the judge makes him pay for your attorney and court costs and allows you to counter sue for lost monies as well.
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I do believe it to unlawful to make a bet or keep book without a license. Besides, he already knew they answer, so it was not really a fair wager - there was no element of skill or luck.
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It is ethical to file the suit because it is grounded in fact. if you want to defend on the grounds that wagering is illegal and the courts shouldn't enforce it, that is your responsibility. If you want to claim that there was no wager because you hadn't agreed on all the terms of the wager, that is also up to you. However, there is nothing wrong in submitted disputes to the court and allowing the court to resolve them. BTW, I don't believe you.
5 :
I don't believe your story/question. It is against the law to use courts to collect gambling debts.

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