Friday, September 21, 2012

Becoming an Air Traffic Controller

Becoming an Air Traffic Controller?
I have been interested in Aviation my whole life. I wanted to be a pilot for so long, the only problem is I cant pay for the flight cost for training. I've been looking into ATC. I am going to attend the University at Buffalo for Computer Engineering this fall. If I do decide I want to become an Air Traffic Controller, should I transfer out of Buffalo after my freshman year and go to an ATC School? Or should I get my 4 year BS Degree first and then pursue ATC? Do I have to have a degree related to ATC to become a controller.
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If you want to be a pilot, have you considered the military as an option?
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Go to ATC school first. The FAA is looking to hire 1000+ controllers every year through 2020. The average wait time from graduation of school until Oklahoma City calls you up has been 1-2 years for a lot of people. Sometimes even longer. While you sit around and wait for them to call you is a great time to go back to school and finish whatever other degrees you are working on. Remember you have to get hired on with the FAA before your 31st birthday

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