Monday, October 1, 2012

Where else would you rather be than right here, right now

Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?
Let your imagination take flight on this one. The question means whatever you want it to mean. Go with it! (In the interest of attribution, I'd like to thank Marv Levy, former head coach and now general manager of my beloved Buffalo Bills, for making this question his signature statement, as it was always answered with: "Nowhere else, right here, right now!")
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1 :
over there, tomorrow.....
2 :
right here, right now? there is no other place i'd rather be
3 :
If I had the answer, you wouldn't know I had it, right? Cause I wouldn't be here to tell you, I'd be . . . T H E R E ??
4 :
I am happy sitting at my computer right now......I take life one day at a time.......I'd rather be here where i'am at this time......the future is another way of dreaming....
5 :
What a great question! I'd like to have just finished working out and being on my way home. I'd have done something physical & productive & yet be all spent & ready to relax. As it is, I'm sitting here in front of the computer not having been particularly productive today - and not having gotten any exercise to speak of. Argh.
6 :
well 4 me id be with the person that i love on the sofa watching tv b/c i would just luv to be with him right now than being right here at this boring house im in now.
7 :
I would rather be on vacation rather than facing another week of work.
8 :
9 :
riding my horse in the mtns
10 :
I'm happy here at home, but......VEGAS would be fun !!!!!!
11 :
Where the grass is greener!
12 :
The French Riviera
13 :
in florida , or in iraq seriving my country a loved ones arms would be nice see i like change as long as its for the better not only are we at war ,we are at war with ourselfs and the main object of war has always been peace
14 :
When I am on YA I am right here, right now. But just to throw some interesting stuff in. There are three states of time in the mind IN Time, In BETWEEN Time, and THROUGH Time. IN Time = the here and now, when you are thinking IN Time you are concentrating on the details of the moment. In BETWEEN Time you are In the moment but you are referencing other times to assist with this one, ie : My past experience with this is ..... or In the future It will become this much more than it is now, circular thinking. THROUGH Time is when you have your mind on the goal, very linear thinking, and can see the plan from this piont all the way through to the end or outcome.
15 :
Ok...joking. **EDIT EDIT DELETE DELETE***cough* Now....this one is easy. I'm a beach a holic. I'm at peace when I'm at the beach....I could so easily write and write and write and go on and on about how therepuetic it is for me........but I would be repeating what I just wrote days ago on here and I'm afraid I might bore some others. So I will just leave the link here and you are welcome to read it if you wish. :) Where would rather be?? :)
16 :
London! Hi Mac! I was about to leave when I saw this one.London is always in my mind,always my first answer. I'll dream about this and came back tomorrow! Oh,would you like a list of the places I have been dreaming of most of my life? Ask another one or wait a few days... See you! Moon :) Wow,Patzky is stealing my places! Feb 22-update: I'll go whith Patzky,for me is "when" rather than "where". I would love to be back in time,just a few months,before my mother was diagnosed whith cancer.I was devastaded by this and have been completely "out of myself" since that day.I'm not working and am living whith her,to be close(and that's how I started this "internet adventure").I'm trying to keep myself toghether by holding my emotions but it doesn't seem to be a good idea because,sometimes,they take over and I end up making very bad choices.I used to be a friendly,funny and happpy person.I still am but,somedays,I'm extremelly touchy this moments,I should find my way to bed,not the internet!(Wow,that's the "where"!) P.S.:Brasil,Patz and Dee :)
17 :
it's not really a where else, but a when else for me. i really think i was born in the wrong century. i feel i'd enjoy things just a little bit more if there were more wonder and less science in the world, more questions and less experts, more discovery and less selfishness. when you ask? i'd localize it in the 1600s. the world was largely a mystery, much knowledge to learn, many people to discover, many secrets to share. today people are so jaded and cynical, they feel they know everything, or they have a right to. in my mind, at that time there was a healthy respect (with a little fear) of the unexplained. a little fear is good sometimes, it keeps us from getting too high and mighty. so this is my when. but as it were, my time machine is broken down due to the cold weather. so i'm in 2006. since i'm here, my answer of where i'd like to be is, somewhere with an abundance of natural beauty, changing seasons, a clean physical environment, and humble people. welcome to duluth! (ok i've always wanted to visit northern canada, alaska, iceland, siberia or finland, i guess i'm attracted to the edge of things!)
18 :
the movies
19 :
i'd rather be me 5 years from now. i hate the wondering part of what i'm gonna be coz its just torture. id rather know in advance so i wont have to b**ch about it here in yahoo!
20 :
I, too, would be in therapy with Marianne_not_Ginger at the beach. I am definitely, whole heartedly, 100% a beach lover. Because of this love, I bought my first home on the beach when I was just 27. It is such a peaceful place, all the sounds you hear...Birds chirping, waves crashing, wind blowing, sand moving, etc. And all the sights you see with colors...the sun rising & setting, the clouds, the white birds against the blue water, the contrast between the sand and water, the wet sand against the dry sand, the pretty shells, etc. The warmth of the sun on your skin, the smell of salt water...Oh! I just love it & wish I was there right now. I get this from my mother. She is on the beach by early morning & stays there until about 6pm.
21 :
Home - there's no place like it.

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