Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lost baggage with jet blue!

Lost baggage with jet blue!?
My daughter was on a jet blue flight from New York city to Buffalo airport. She lost 1 of her 2 bags, They have now located it but her perscription medication was in the bag and it now wont be back for a while 2-6 days! what do i do? I dont want to purchase a new one because its around 200-350 dollars per bottle!
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Dam that sucks! I would contact Jetblue and make them aware of this troubling ordeal with the perscription, then purchase another bottle and make JetBlue pay for it! Good Luck
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Only thing i can say is what is more important ? hopefully your daughter ! is she not worth the 200 to 350 and i would be very surprised for such a short trip that it would take that long Ive had bags back after 6 hours and i came form Chicago to Palm Beach

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