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Was the pilot of my flight unprofessional

Was the pilot of my flight unprofessional ?
I was flying from Philadelphia to Buffalo, NY with US Airways Express, operated by Republic Airways, and even though it was a short flight, the flight attendants and the pilot seemed very unprofessional. Before leaving the gate, one of the flight attendants walked in, she was obviously late, and chatting on her cell phone. Both flights attendants looked miserable and hostile, which is something you can come across on any airline, but when the flight attendant was making announcements, it was impossible to understand what he was saying because he wasn't speaking clearly. When the pilot came on, he warned us that we would be experiencing turbulence because "the air is pretty messed up up there so make sure you hold on". That’s exactly what he said, and he wasn’t trying to be funny, he didn’t seem to know what to say, mostly just random comments and it was hard to understand what he was saying. When we got into the air, the pilot came on again and said that the seatbelt sign would remain on for most of the flight, but that "you can take your seat belt off if you want but uhh that’s at your own risk, the air is just really messed up "… why would a pilot say such a thing? It was the worst flight service I’ve ever encountered. The turbulence was horrible, and obviously the pilot can’t do anything about that, but they didn’t seem professional and that didn’t make me feel safe. Is that type of service considered standard for short flights or was it unprofessional?
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Defo unprofessional Gosh I would of complained about the service! Thats disgusting
2 :
So why tell us? Why not tell the airline? Quote the day, time and flight number so they know who the flight personnel were.
3 :
Seriously? Quit whinning. Everyone has had a bad day at work no matter who you are...unfortunately this also applies to people who work in the air. Give em a freakin break. Do you realize the schedule they have to keep with?
4 :
When you fly US Airways you don't get to complain about anything.
5 :
well he doesnt know basic safety rules because I am pretty sure that if a seatbelt sign is on, no one is allowed to have it off - by law (i think, dont hold me to that). the FA's were definiatley un professional, what is she doing with a phone in her hand when everyone else has been told to have theirs off!?! the pilot...well he just put it blunt.
6 :
Yep.. Sounds about normal for these days though. Most pilots I have come across are ussualy professional though, flights attendents are a different story. So many of them just seem like they hate their job.
7 :
Hahaha, sounds like Beavis and Butthead were flying your plane. Yes, it sounds like they were unprofessional... "messed up air" is not the technical term for turbulence. However, if not speaking clearly was the worst thing they did, then it could have been a lot worse. Maybe he was nervous himself, maybe he really was trying to be funny. Anyway, as unsettling as this probably was, I've heard of and even experienced far more unprofessional service (every time I've flown United Airlines, they have been extremely unprofessional). So basically, yes it sounds as if they could have been more professional, but as long as they weren't downright nasty or unsafe, it's not the worst thing. It still can't hurt to file a complaint with the airline, though. They should be made aware of this.
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Laura, the pilot's choices of words were not the best, nor, I suspect, are they the words recommended by the airline. Nevertheless, pilots are people too and sometimes they feel like everyone is in the same jovial mood they are. Of course, that's not true, but I don't think badly choosing words to explain turbulence is cause for calling him unprofessional. Both flight attendants & pilots have been under great pressure the last 10 years or so as airlines fight to stay in the air. They are pushed to be flattering, courteous, gracious, blah, blah, blah, while being pressured to accept pay cuts left and right. Yeah, even they have feelings and lives also. At least since the age and sex restrictions became illegal. Many years ago, you only saw gorgeous young single, unattached, unmarried, female flight attendants because the airlines just wouldn't hire anyone else. US labor laws prohibit that kind of discrimination nowadays. In the absence of blatant unsafe behaviour, rudeness or insult, which should be reported to the airline, I'd just let it go. Good Luck
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Thoroughly unprofessional, to a point that if the FAA was check riding this crew, there would have been consenquences. Creating a situation that can cause ill-ease among the passengers would not have been taken lightly. To Kyle: "A freakin break??" Are you kidding, I've spent the last twelve years of my life as a cabin crew member for an airline. NO MATTER how you're feeling, or what your schedule is you have a duty to create an environment that does not create fear or panic amongst your passengers. Even if you have a horrible schedule, your not happy with your pay or work environment, the people in the seats did not do this to you and certainly shouldn't be held liable for your condition. I hear so much whining and complaining amongst FA's and Pilots, those who can't take the pressure, well I wish they would seek employment elsewhere.
10 :
I wouldn't consider that standard, nor would I consider that unprofessional. It always seems to be more of a relaxed atmosphere on those shorter flights. And you don't know the reason why they flight attendant was late...maybe she just got off another flight, that got in late. And maybe she was on the phone to her kids or her husband and maybe that was one of the only times that day she could talk to them.

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