Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hockey Flight Sim idea

Hockey Flight Sim idea?
I am kinda bored so I thought I would try and fly a route from Ottawa, Ontario to Buffalo, New York. Pretending your transporting the team or something kinda thing. What can I do to make this flight as realistic as possible? What is the fastest cruising speed in a Cessna 172?
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I have done the ground handling for the major sports teams out of LA. First of all, you have to fly a Boeing 727. Most teams fly those including our Kings and Ducks. Second, you have to make sure that your flight leaves late. There is always one player that thinks that the world revolves around him amd has to be the last one to arrive to the flight.
2 :
* The number of people flying ( the team itself, managers, coach, etc ) * the cargo weight of the team's cargo (such as the hockey sticks, the helmet, their own daily clothes, and all their personal stuffs etc) * then match the number of passengger to the appropriate airplane, B-727, B-737, or Airbus A-319,A-320, or just use the 10-20 seater airplanes. OR the aircraft Depends on how rich the team is ;) if they can own and operate 90-130 seats, then use it ;)

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