Monday, February 7, 2011

What do airlines do for kids flying alone

What do airlines do for kids flying alone?
I'm 14 and I'm fly the my friends house. It is a short flight from my grandparents house in Buffalo (we are visiting them) to my friends house in Cincinnati. My parents are dropping me off and then flying home to Philly. I am flying Delta to Cincinnati and then US Airways back to Philly. My mom already called both of the airlines to tell them that I am flying alone and we told them who is picking me up. What are their policies for kids flying alone and should I try to fit my stuff into all carry on so that I don't have to go to baggage claim??
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continental airline..Haha its awesome to fly alone as a get on the plane first.
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You are what the airlines call a UM or Unattended Minor. I guess it depends on the airline, but from my experience you get treated much much better when you are a kid flying alone. I went to Singapore from AUstralia when I was 15, and I remember being given my own hostess for the whole trip. As soon as we took off, I was moved from economy to first class ....apparently its easier to keep an eye on you when your at the pointy end of the plane. I was first on and first off the plane. I was met by two hostesses on arrival, who escorted me through customs in the Air Crew lane (no waiting in lines or filling forms). They arranged for my baggage to be collected too, so I wasnt waiting at the baggage claim. Hope you have a great trip, enjoy the perks while you can!

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