Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spiritually speaking, would you like to know what happened when the Westboro Baptist "Church" came to Buffalo

Spiritually speaking, would you like to know what happened when the Westboro Baptist "Church" came to Buffalo?
They came to town yesterday to protest at the funeral of one of the victims of flight 3407, which crashed onto a house in Clarence, near Buffalo. *Three* of their little family showed up, and were countered by dozens of anti-protestors, who drowned them out and protected grieving friends and family members. The protesters left after a few minutes. Have the Westboros ever been in your neck of the woods? If so, what happened? . You are right, my friend Eds. They pick and choose bible verses to sustain their hate, and disregard Jesus saying, "Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted." (((Eds))) .
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that's disgusting and heartless-----how could they do such things---?? I have praised them before on having strong Christian morals----but when they act in such fashions as which you just described----it makes me rethink my given praise----I think they are a bit misguided---to say the least---
2 :
Something tells me their breed of "Xianity" wouldn't go over well in Massachusetts.
3 :
Luckily they haven't been to Indiana as far as I know.
4 :
When they came to my area (this protest didn't involve a funeral), the local people had decided to simply walk past them as if they weren't there. They packed up and left pretty quickly. Seems they don't like being ignored. I heard there was another case in which hundreds of people formed a human chain around a church to keep the WBC people away.
5 :
Chicky, They have not been too close to our area and I do not understand what they were protesting at this person's funeral for anyway. Did they believe this person died as a result of some sin they had committed? Do they believe that they will live forever and be sinless? I just do not understand why anyone would treat others in this manner and say they are followers of CHRIST. HE was never that way nor was HIS Disciples (Apostles). Have a great week. Thanks, Eds ------ You have many great answers. PLEASE keep that pretty smile!! ------ .
6 :
They were expected to show up here for a parade welcoming home a local national guard unit. However the Patriot Guard Riders showed up in full force and frightened them off.
7 :
If they came to my area they would be sorry. We may be a bunch of rednecks in some ways, but we don't allow such disrespect to the dead and the bereaved.
8 :
Until a month ago, I lived very near the place in PA where the Amish schoolgirls were killed. The Westboro folks stated several times they planned to show up and protest at their funerals, but within hours the entire community had organized a counter-protest. I was planning to go, but then Westboro backed out. We made sure people were there just in case they lied, though.
9 :
First, I'm non-religious. Second, I think the westboro group are insane. Third, even thou I think they are insane, they have the right to protest, however they don't have the right to interfere with the religious ceremonies of funerals and I think the current ruleing is they have to be a certain number of feet. I think their first amendment right is still in place if they protest a certain number of feet, 1000 feet or something like that. Fourth, the counter protestors also have the right to freedom of speech and if they are louder and drown out the westboro group, no ones rights are being infringed, the right to free speech does not require anyone listen. Sounds like a win win for everyone.
10 :
Well, no. I don't think any of them have been to Canada. But I swear to FSM, if they come near my city....I might shoot them.
11 :
I've got my basement decked out specially for them should they visit Sydney. :) .. In the interim it would be a shame to let all that leather and latex go un-used.
12 :
I hope to live long enough to see them go away forever, or be jailed for the actions. So sad to waste their life hurting others. Peace.
13 :
That's great. If they ever come near my locale, I plan to organize against them.

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