Monday, May 7, 2012

is it too early to search for flights

is it too early to search for flights?
im going to depart buffalo on april 14th to go to san francisco and there arent any good flights that fit my criteria right now. should i wait longer to see if flights pop up or reserve now with a flight that isnt that great?
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With just 4 weeks to go, I would suggest if anything you've left it a bit late! booking now will probably secure you the best deal available now and before prices increase further.
2 :
book now
3 :
no its not too EARLY. its becoming too LATE! you should have been looking for flights when those dates first opened to get a good flight and price. those dates opened about 6 months ago. since thats only about 4 weeks away at this point you should just take what ever you can get.
4 :
if you dint book the best one now, it will be gone and you will get a worse flight, no more flights will probably be book now, fly jetblue if possible, best airline.

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