Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I need a vacation!!!!!!!!!! Anyone please give me advice

I need a vacation!!!!!!!!!! Anyone please give me advice?
I want to go on a 7 day vacation. I can go anytime and any day or any month. I rather go soon but cost is an issue. I need flight from Cleveland Ohio or Buffalo NY. I like Jamaica, cancun, or possibly a cruise. I can't go much over $1000. I am single occupancy!!!!!!! If anyone safe wants to go and split cost that is ok too. Any ideas greatly appreciated
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With apologies, you won't go far with 1,000$. Either revise destination plans (closer to home) or adjust your $$$ level.
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Why don't you take the route 66, and then leave for Cancun by bus? I think you will love it. Considering the lack of benjamins, I can't think of something better and out of the borders. Btw, once you get in latin America everything is much cheaper so you can easily get to Cancun.
3 :
Jetblue and Airtran fly into Montego Bay Jamaica rather cheap. Airtran flys out of Cleveland and Buffalo and Jetblue flys out of Buffalo. No direct flights though.

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