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How do you relocate someplace

How do you relocate someplace?
Im currently in buffalo Ny and once i finish up my schooling i wanna move up to alaska, but how to u make sure you have a apartment, job, and other things once u get up there plus how do u do a job interview when its a 7 hour flight, i know i wanna make sure i have a job waiting for me when i get there but it just seems like there is so many thing to get settled its very difficult
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Get the job first. Do NOT "move" anyplace until you have secured a source of income. Alaska is a very expensive place to move to. Driving the AL-Can highway is BRUTAL on a vehicle. Most people have their vehicles shipped up on a barge or they take the Alaska Ferry system, entry point is in Washington state (Bellingham I believe?). You also ship your stuff up there via a barge, takes a long time, costs a lot of $. If you can find a job up there, you should plan on living in a motel for a couple of weeks until you find an apartment to live in. Your stuff will likely take a month to arrive anyway. If you can't locate the job from the lower 48, then I'd suggest going up there w/return ticket in hand to job search prior to making any moving plans. You should do all your research from here, then go there with an action plan.
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adding to Frumps very good advice Remember Alaska is HUGE: so you may want to look into the regions a bit as each has its own climate, culture, and character. Then you can use online newspapers and the statewide jobs site to look for employment. Have a great resume, and know that many jobs will do phone interviews.Learn to present yourself professionally online. Now do not expect jobs to pay for relocation. That is a common myth about Alaska, but in reality unless you have a high demand skill for a position that can not be filled locally you are not getting money to move here. You will need to have your own funds for moving, and basic living expenses for the first few weeks your here. The main on road urban areas are Anchorage and Fairbanks, and in those places you can always get a job with a fast food chain of big retail store. Housing can be harder to find, but online classifieds are a good place to look. I might not get into any long term contracts for housing until your here and see fist hand what living is like and what your options are. Maybe look for a room to rent until you get yourself set up. Also in the coastal towns and areas with lots of tourism like Denali Park there are more summer jobs. It might be easier to get a summer job after school to get yourself up here, and take it from there. Alaska online newspapers: This site has some good information and resources you should check out. Alaska Job Site:

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