Thursday, June 21, 2012

i would like to fly to Australia...

i would like to fly to Australia...?
How much is too much... and what is a good flight price? From LA, from Buffalo? From Toronto? which carriers are best? Most direct? Cheapest is best... most direct is best too... (same time of year) Five years ago i paid $1599 return... i haven't seen that anywhere. thanks $1599 was from Toronto with two stops, vancouver and Hongkong come ON! Diane! you must have some connections in the airline industry!??!!!!
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Good for you! to-day: to SYD/Sydney from: YYZ/Toronto=USD1.527.00 BUF/Buffalo=USD1.584.00 LAX/Los Angeles=USD1.096.00 SFO/San Francisco=USD1.096.00 Carrier: QANTAS, that has some special offers use: also, if ready for a round-the-world see: From From US$1295 plus taxes of US$380 Los Angeles - Auckland - Sydney - Tahiti - Los Angeles $1549 - Asia and Down Under San Francisco or Los Angeles or Seattle or Portland to Hongkong to Bangkok to Singapore to Australia and back to San Francisco or Los Angeles or Seattle or Portland $1899 - Pacific Budget Travel Los Angeles - Cook Islands or Samoa - Auckland, out of Auckland to Cairns, or out of Auckland or Christchurch to Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane, out of Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane - Bangkok - Hong Kong - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or Portland. see:
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Will....I wish I could help I don't have the the airline industry...I just found ur question tonite....I hadn't been hearing anything from thought u were traveling or something. How is it going? Did u get ur roof on? I was so busy tonite....I never went on P&S...maybe I can when I get this off to u. It's almost midnight California time....u know I am a night owl...I was housebound today....waiting for workers to come and fix my ceiling....since I got a leak during the last rain...they did part of the have to come back tomorrow....I just want it to be all done...had to move furniture etc. in living room....the computer was down all it back on later tonite...I just hope they can complete this thing tomorrow.... sleep well....see u in P&S......Dianne...oh oh....I forgot I was answering a question!!!
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This site lists great cheap travel sites: One site compares all the airlines for the best fare.

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