Tuesday, August 7, 2012

plz help me if ur a math wiz

plz help me if ur a math wiz?
your favorite aunt is flying to your house next month. shes coming from San Francisco to buffalo. its a 5 hour flight and she lives 3060 miles away from you. how fast does the plane go???? plz answer and tell me how you got ur answer Ok thanks isee how!! yay thanks!!
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1 :
612 mph
2 :
612 mph! distance divided b time = speed. i hope this helps ya!
3 :
You take 3060(number of miles) and divide it by 5(number of hours). To get 612 Miles Per Hour. Her train was traveling at 612 mph. However, I doubt that since I don't have an aunt that lives in San Francisco. And I don't live in Buffalo.

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