Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is the discount airfare website "The Best Travel Store" a web scam

Is the discount airfare website "The Best Travel Store" a web scam?
The website has listed prices on airfare that are half of the price of ANYWHERE I look. A flight which I am looking for from Buffalo, NY (BUF) to Osaka, Japan (KIX) is $750 on this site and $1300 everywhere else. And I've found that it is a company inside the US unlike foriegn scammers from Asia. Thanks for the help.
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I don't know, but be careful... sounds a bit suspicious to me. Why not call the airline you willing be flying on and ask them to verify the company?
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A lot of them are, especially no name ones. The base fare may be advertised $750 but after you add taxes, fees and the airlines fees it could come out to more than the other sites, especially the airlines sites that have a base fare of near double that. Shoot me and IM or e-mail with the dates and I'll help you figure it out and find you a deal with out being scammed. *** I went and built a bogus itinerary with sample dates. The "Major US Airline" was the same price as the one offered by United, both $737. The "Major US Airline" after you go in and read the fare rules, and notice the connection city, is Northwest, not a complete secret if you know your airline hubs and then it goes to state that you may or may not be able to get Worldperks, Northwest. Detroit is the only connection city, its a single connection from BUF and non-stop from DTW. After taxes and fee's it was $1005. The United flight was the same price, but you flew from BUF to ORD (Chicago) to SFO (San Francisco) then to Osaka. The total cost for that was $1032, and the difference was adding in the airport fees for each facility you land/take-off from...and its a much longer day for you flying wise. I read the T&C that they have listed and it seems to appear that there is nothing hidden. They state that they do not charge booking fee's and that on some tickets you can acrew milage with the airlines frequent flier programs. Most bulk fares are blocked out from any accrual usually. The other fine print is to watch your booking dates. They search 3 days before and after your selected dates, so pay attention to that as well. Another thing was that fares are not guarenteed until it is completely booked with the airline and paid for, that does not always happen right away on these sites. By the time they ticket the reservation the fare could have changed and gone up, and you missed out on cheaper fares while you wait for them to tell you that the fare is now higher. They state that they will not charge you if the original fare is no longer available. You will NEVER have this with the airlines website. Its live, instant ticketing. On the same itinerary was $1247.92 after taxes and fees. BUT the same itinerary on was only $984.92 after taxes and fee's. But, again you are looking at a double connection, so it depends on if saving $50 dollars or so and stopping twice is worth it for you, AND you have the safety and security of going with the airline itself and not a 3rd party website. Airlines wont touch 3rd party website tickets if there is a problem or issues unless it is related to the airline like a delay or cancellation. There are many travel sites that I have never heard of after my years of working in the industry. People get scammed all the time, the main thing is to READ THE FARE RULES or TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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