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Delayed or lost luggage with jet blue airlines

Delayed or lost luggage with jet blue airlines?
My daughter, 2 friends, and i travelled with jet blue, we went from buffalo to new york city. The flight there was great, so we stayed at a hotel in new york for 3 days 2 nights and we shopped for a while. Spending atleast 1000 dollars between us on clothes, handbags, sunglasses (knock off) Then when we came home we put 2 bags each in the underneath thing of the plane. When we got back we quickly found all of our luggage except 1 peice with ALL my daughters new clothes, and handags. She was crying all day! She was so mad! then they call and say they located it. Do i get anything for the greif that i had to go through? also what do they do because 2 luggages (not mine) were completely broken, torn, everything were outside of them? I understand that no one is perfect... but it is much different when its your bag. My daughter was SO upset! Maybe if you had a life, kids, family, then you would understand how hard it actually is! Btw the torn luggage i was asking about is NOT mine! I was talking to the people with it!
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they're not going to pay you money or compensation because they lost your bags. it happens on a daily basis, not everyone is perfect. and it's unfortunate taht it happened to you. if your baggage was torn or broken you should have went to the baggage claim rep right then and there and they could have solved the problem for you. it may be too late now, but i would try to call the airline and ask about the broken or torn baggage. but as far as the other bag being late they'll apologize and tell you that there is nothing they can do for you.
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ask them for a compensation my dad got it and he did use the police power or else just ask some powerful friend of yours to help but do inform the police(lodge a complaint)

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