Friday, December 7, 2012

Is it safe to fly Continental Airlines

Is it safe to fly Continental Airlines?
My husband is leaving the country in 2 weeks and as always he will be flying with Continental. He needs to make a connect flight to Newark, which is the same Colgan Air connector flight, the same model plane that crashed in buffalo 2 weeks ago. Im literally sitting here ready to buy the tickets online but I cant bring myself to do it. Im so scared! My husband just called and asked me why I havent bought the tickets yet, he is waiting for the confirmation to show up on his cell phone. :/ Am I being ridiculous?
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you are being ridiculous :-) The Dash 8 is one of the most popular types of aircraft in operation, there are houndreds of them in the air this very second. They have an EXCELLENT safety record. Book the flights, it will be find.
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Safe enough. You're showing reasonable concern but you'll probably find the multiple checks that the airline are doing after the accident that it's one of the safest air services around at the moment.
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In all honesty... yes, you're being ridiculous. Your husband is statistically more likely to die driving to the airport than he is on a plane.
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Yes, yes you are being ridiculous. Buy the tickets.
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You have all the reasons to be concerned. However, airplanes fly ALL THE TIME and there is only a small percentage of airplanes that would encounter problems. If it would make you feel safer to put him on another type of plane (or go with another type of connection), then go for it.
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Not to be mean but you are being ridiculous. He will be fine. I will be flying with Continental in like a month. So don't worry, worrying doesn't do anybody any good. So book that flight!!!
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it was the Pilot error he hadn't been trained to fly the plane in Icy conditions so the plane is safe you should buy the tickets else the fare will get higher too

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