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Should I drive to Disney Florida from Toronto, for the adventure, or take a plane

Should I drive to Disney Florida from Toronto, for the adventure, or take a plane?
We are planning, as a family, to go to Disney in Florida from Toronto, Ontario (in late August). We could take a plane, however the total cost of the flight for our family is somewhere between $2000 - $2500 dollars (plane tickets). The costs of the flight just seems like a waste. Also, flying out of Buffalo does not save that much either, and most flights are not direct anyway (5-7 hours). Would that money be better spent on a mini-van rental and drive to Florida? Although the drive is approximately 20 hours, plus more (since we will stop somewhere on route), it seems that from a cost/benefit it would be a better adventure for the kids. Also, we could probably visit other sites in the U.S along the way. Does anyone think the drive is better, or just pay the money for the 2-3 hour flight? Is the drive fairly straightforward? It just seems to me that the money could be better spent, despite the 2 day travel time (there and back).
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Save money and drive to Florida. If you guys take turns driving it won't be that bad. With the money you save on plane tickets you can see some great cities on the east coast on your way to Florida and you can buy a good amount of souvenirs too. If possible you should rent a large SUV if they have any. SUVs are more spacious and have a lot more leg room.
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hi. i've done it both ways. (i'm from buffalo) and personally i like flying better cuz driving takes about 21 hours with out stopping or 2 1/2 days if we stop for the night a couple times. i do like driving though cuz we can stop and see some cool stuff along the way. for the amount of money that it would save you i think i'd opt to drive vs fly. have fun!
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We just took a 19 hour trip to Orlando. I would advise driving through the night (less traffic, easier on the kiddos). I think that if you stop around Hilton Head, SC, stay the night, and swim that day, you have a good break that rejuvinates you enough to go the rest of the way! We are going again in June so the driving wasn't that bad! We traveled with an infant, toddler, and family friend so it really wasn't too bad overall! Good luck.
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If you are going to Disney, I would say take a plane. With all the walking you do in Disney you are going to want to relax. Trust me, I always joke you need a vacation after you go to Disney!
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The other way you can do it is to take the AutoTrain. The train leaves from Lorton, Virginia, and takes less than a day to get to Sanford, Florida (which is about an hour from Disney). If anyone in your family likes trains (or traveling on trains) and doesn't want to drive the whole way, you can look into that. The car goes right on the train in separate cars (hence, AutoTrain), and you have it to drive when you get to Florida.
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Fly. Your kids will hate the drive. I have friends who drive to Florida ever year and said if they had the chance to fly they would. Flying out of Buffalo will save you money, depending on which airline you choose. Try looking at Southwest. We usually fly with 7 or 8 members of my family. When you add up gas , food and hotel costs along the way, it's probably not much different, and by flying you will be able to enjoy your vacation time more (less recovery from a long drive, whereas flying 2-3 hours can be less stressful.)
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FLY I work in the hotel industry and when im checking ppl in that drove they are the most crankiest ppl from the long drive the kids have droven the parents crazy bc of the long drive and being in the car by the time they get here their ready to go back home youll save your self the worst headache of your life if you fly

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