Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's up with Al Franken's Senate seat

What's up with Al Franken's Senate seat?
The last I heard, he had won by 225 votes, but he remained unseated. If he has to wait for the lawsuits to be settled, that could be a long time. I'm eager to hear some humor from the Senate. All I've heard for the past two decades is total incompetence. I've been watching Coleman ever since a very suspicious airplane crash conveniently kill Paul Wellstone. That plane was critical to Coleman's dirty-tricks re-election. That crash looked a lot like the recent crash that killed Beverly Eckert (9/11 Truth Advocate) and another activist who was critical in reporting the Rwanda massacres. Continental Airlines flight 3407 from Newark in New Jersey to Buffalo in New York looked exactly like the Wellstone crash. Is this assassination by plane crash? There are many theories about Lincoln's death. There's no question that multiple people were involved, regardless of your theory. Lincoln's death does qualify as a conspiracy. I'm not sure about the Lincoln was captured by Confederates theory, but Lincoln's policies after the Civil War would have destroyed the Rothschilds' commodity speculations. I suspect that professional hits are the most common way to deal with unfriendly political situation. It's happened historically, and I'd be surprised if professional hits are not extremely common in politics today. Do you honestly believe history as it is portrayed in you high school history books and in the media?
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Would not surprise me. Any method is acceptable to the Dick Cheney crowd.
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Al franken is a bitter washed up no-account who ran for senate cuz he found out no one wanted to listen to his rantings because he'd lost his entertainment value and wanted to get back into the public eye. And wow, talk about a conspiricy theorist- you've really built a beautiful house of cards.
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Did you know Abe Lincoln was kidnapped by Confederates, died in custody, and his body double was killed at Ford's Theatre?
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Put your tinfoil hat away. Franken has been attempting to steal the election since election night. It's not over until all the litigation is complete.
5 :
Can I have the roach when your done smoking?
6 :
First I have ever heard of THAT crazy conspiracy theory...I just think it amazing that when Coleman thought he won, he called on Franken to not ask for a recount to save the people of their state a great deal of money and now that he is losing, he is all for wasting taxpayers money.

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