Sunday, June 21, 2009

need advice on getting from Buffalo to Toronto

need advice on getting from Buffalo to Toronto?
I am in California and I am trying to find the least expensive way of getting from here to Toronto. The flights to Buffalo seem a lot cheaper then flying into YYZ. How easy is it to get from the Buffalo airport into the city of Toronto? How much will transport cost me? How long will it take? I think once I spend the time and transport fees from getting to Buff to Toronto, it may be worth just flying straight into Toronto from the beginning. Any advice?
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I live in Niagara Ontario which is right near Buffalo and Toronto. Getting to Toronto is not so bad coming from Buffalo. It could take about 2 hours to get to Toronto in a car, depending on traffic. Also, it might take a while to get into Canada as traffic on the Peace bridge (or any other border bridge) can get very bad.
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Coach Canada and Greyhound offer bus service between Buffalo airport and Toronto. Travel time is anywhere from 2.5 to 4.5 hours depending on the time of day. One-way fare on Coach Canada is C$29.70 (I am in Canada so the website won't give me the US$ price) , US$20 on Greyhound.

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