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FLying from Boston to Buffalo

FLying from Boston to Buffalo?
hi im on holidays in the usa at the moment i want to book an internal flight from boston to buffalo on jan 4th.US airways seemed like the cheapest so i went to book with them but i notice when i went through the different stages of booking there are no options to check in bags? can u just check in an pay for the bags when u get there? its just whenever i book a flight in ireland i always select the amount of bags first... thanks for help do they still let u check the bags in when u get there though??or can u only bring onboard luggage
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1 :
Fly Southwest from Providence or Manchester. They do not charge for bags.
2 :
I did fly US Airways from Boston to Buffalo. The plane (Canadair) only has 44 seats it may be the reason why they don't let you to check in bags in advance. As the plane is so small, only samll bag (e.g handbag or notebook computers) are allowed to bring into the cabin and put it under the seat. The will put all bigger luggages in a cart when you check-in.
3 :
Airlines are different. I fly JetBlue for Boston to Buffalo, they are usually the lowest. You can always check in your bags when you get to the airport. The last few times I've flown, the topic of bags didn't come up in the booking process, it was in the online check-in.

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