Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap flight: Toronto to Vancouver -- does it exist

Cheap flight: Toronto to Vancouver -- does it exist?
Direct within Canada is about $600 - $700 each. Buffalo to Seattle is pricey too on JetBlue. I remember flying for $320 and $400 with tax in 2002-2003. Anyone know of any other options? Zoom Airlines flies from YVR to Europe for a price that would be closer to $400 if it landed in YYZ, but they don't. Prefer to stay within Cdn borders (have a small baby), but don't mind driving to Montreal or from Kelowna.
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Looks like a route that has slowly increased in price over the past year, and doesn't go on sale often. I base that on this: The last sale on the route looks like back in May (about $150 cheaper than current price) and not much in the 7 months before that. Currently, Air Canada's coming up $539 total. Other options connect in the US. Westjet coming up $618 (nonstop).
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To answer your question, consider how much you were paying per litre for gas back in 2002-2003. What was it? Something like $0.60 or $0.65? What is it today? Over $1.00. The sad news is that airlines too must pay for fuel and fares have risen just as dramatically as the price of gas at the pump. For this particular route, there are -- once again -- only two main players. As long as demand remains very high -- and it does, all year -- neither Air Canada nor WestJet has any real incentive to sell discounted tickets to Vancouver. This is especially true during the peak summer tourist season! Sorry for the bad news, but this is one case where bargains are going to be almost impossible to find. If you were travelling in late October or early November, and you reserved NOW, that might be a different story.

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